Status of the Site

If you're new to this site or have been to it before, you might be wondering something.

That being, why does the site look so outdated in terms of its design and why are updates so far and few in between?

I mentioned a reason for this under the updates page some time ago. When I looked at the page and scrolled down to see the entry, I realized that (as of this writing) it's been almost a decade since I wrote that!

Much of what I wrote there is still true.

While I have made various updates since then, most have been me adding or removing entries from the Degus looking for homes section.

So, what happened to site? Why did I remove the Chinchilla and Raccoon information sections?

The truth is, the site simply isn't as popular as it was back the day. I'm not sure specifically how popular the site used to be. However, one indicator might be the number of e-mails I receive to do with the site. Over the years, e-mails have become steadily less frequent.

The same is true for updates. While I am going from memory, one example sums it up well enough. I used to update weekly or more often. Over time, that became monthly, then a few times a year and now it can be more then a year between updates.

As well, I haven't had degus in a long time. Despite this, I still wanted to keep the site up because I hoped it was still useful.

When I look through the site now, I see that much of it is outdated. I see that the Chinchilla and Raccoon sections of the site especially are very outdated. While I dislike making excuses, I think the main reason for this is that I chose to focus on the Degu section back in the day. The Chinchilla and Raccoon sections likely became something I started when I wanted to make the site more ambitious. However, I never did much with them and over time, for the most part I forgot about them. This is why I chose to remove the information part of those sections. While I made those sections with the best of intentions, I don't want to spread misinformation. If I was doing so, I apologize.

Even with the Degu section, as time went on, I mostly focused on the Degus looking for homes section. With updates to even that section becoming less frequent, I've ended up not thinking about the site as much. Usually, it was someone sending an e-mail about the site that would get me thinking about it. This was why I wrote this.

I started the site all those years ago because it was difficult to find information about degus online. I wanted to help with that.
I remember starting degumail and the degus and chinchillas webring back in the day.
Back then, personal websites were more popular. E-mail lists for discussing any topic you can think of were also popular. Webrings helped to connect related websites together. Sadly, Webring is gone now, as is degumail.
Social Media type sites have become more popular. That's not to say personal websites don't exist anymore. However, they don't seem to be what they were back in the 90s to early 2000s. One example is websites having animal videos or sounds. In modern times (as of this writing), it's probably a lot easier to upload them to youtube where people can comment on them and there is far less worry over whether people have the right software (players, codecs etc.) to be able to see them.

As well, my website making skills (html etc.) are quite outdated. In short, I honestly don't know how to make the site more advanced.

I don't say this to sound sad or to make anyone sad. Things change, people move on.

My point being is, I do still want to keep this site up. I am still willing to add, edit or remove entries on the Degus looking for homes section. At this point however, the site is overall, an archive and outdated. I however, like to think that it's a part of Internet history. At this point however, there are far better sites to get information from. Still, I'd like to think that the information I do have was at some point helpful and did some good. I admit I should have wrote this years ago. I thank everyone that has visited to the site over the years and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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