Raccoon sounds and videos

Here are some videos of raccoons that people have made. Where aplicable they are used with permission. They are in mov format so they should work for both PC and MAC users.

Please note that these videos are pretty old at this point and may or may not work. Apologies if they don't.

A raccoon eating someting from a river
this video is from the Animals 2.0 CD

A video of a domestic raccoon playing
This video is from the World Wide Raccoon Web.


This is the sound of a baby looking for it's mother.

This is the sounds of a happy raccoon. Strangely enough if you play this sound backwards it sounds just like the co-cooo sound that some birds make.

This is the sound of a raccoon cooing.

This is the sound a raccoon who is in distress and upset will make.

This is a digitized sound of a raccoon purring. It doesn't sound exactly the same as in order for it to be heard some digital altering had to be done but it does give a fairly accurate representation of the sound.

Thank you to Damon Swanson for providing me with the above sounds. You can visit his page at http://members.aol.com.dhswan

The sounds of a bunch of babies

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