Sounds degus make

Here is a collection of sounds degus make. All of the files are in MP3 format. Follow this link to get an installer to play them if you cannot. The reason I use MP3 format is that the quality is virtually the same (depending on how good your sound card is you may not be able to tell the difference) but it only takes up 10 - 15 % of the space as wav's.


A male and female degu warbling to eachother


Female degu warbling into the microphone


2 degus warbling quietly


2 degus warbling


warbling degus


2 degus squeaking, this sound is from casang


While together my male and female degu got into a quarrel and this sound file shows the sound she made after I separated them. Fortunately they were not hurt, but boy were they ever mad.


My youngest degu in a talkative mood.

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