Degu Mail!

Degumail is a fun and exciting way to dicuss degus and degu related topics with other degu owners and degu fans. If you like the idea of discussing degus and degu related topics then degu mail is for you. It is a great source of information. Discussions are done via e-mail. There are several diffrent ways to recieve the mail

1) Individual messages: which will send you each message sent.
2) Digest: which will sent you a collection of all messages over a certain time period in a single large e-mail ,
3)Web only: which will not send you any messages
(you will need to go to to see messages using the 3rd option)

To Join the list simply send a blank e-mail to
(that link should auto open your e-mail client with a blank message already addressed to

Alternativley, you can also go to to subscribe manually.

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