Degu Breeders

Below is a list of degu breeders that I know of, categorized by Country. If your are listed on this page, want your entry updated or are no longer breeding degus and want your entry removed then send me an e-mail and I will remove your entry for you.

Czech republic

1. Barbora Patakova
Seydlerova 2147
155 00 Praha 5
Czech republic
Tel.: +420-2-5161 2675
She has 2 females and 2 males. She can speak English.

2. Marketa and Frantisek Trakslovi
Havanska 20
170 00 Praha 7
Czech republic
phone: ++420-2-37 27 86
They have 2 breeding groups of degus, a lot of guinea pigs,
2 rats, 2 pairs of chinchillas yet), some gerbils and 2 chipmunks.
They can speak English.

3. Jolana Horinkova
Hrebecska 2676
272 01 Kladno
phone: ++420-312-86314
She has 2 breeding groups with 1 male and 2 females.

Chloe Long
Based in Leicestershire, UK
Phone: 07747401387

Breeder of top quality degus- breeds for health and genetic soundness. The only breeder to have started degu registration to produce a working degu pedigree- see their website for more details!

Deena Rangeley
113 Jerningham Road
New Cross
SE14 5NH

Is also breeding in Norfolk (NR30 5SF).

Can supply full details on how to care, house and handle degus to the potential new owners.

Kent Degu Rescue
Thanet, Kent. UK

Unrelated pairs usually available to those with the knowledge to keep these rodents Care Sheets available.

London , England.

April Bowman
65 Park Street
Mountain Ash
South Wales


Audrey Coward
Knoxville Tennessee

Has 3 breeding females and is getting ready to breed as of the writing of this entry. Requests/suggests writing via e-mail to see if she has any babies at the time.

Also has a facebook page at

Hector & Stephanie
Miami, FL.

A breeder and hobbyist. Currently (as of this posting) has 3 Agouti males, 6 females & 14 beautiful babies and are looking for other color varieties.

Twin Cities MN

southern Indiana/Ohio and northern Kentucky

Is a degu breeder that's been breeding for a little over a year and a half. He's more of a hobby breeder.

Stacey Hayes
Toledo, Ohio

Is a new breeder. Currently has 3 breeding females. one is pregnant. Has 4 babies available (7 weeks old).

Donna Mims
4229 Eastbrook Rd.
Estill Springs, TN 37330
will take any degu needing a home.

Julia Denny
Jefferson City, Mo

Is interested in input into what she's trying to accomplish. She has some degu that are showing some white and others that have "saddles" of red out lined with a outline of black on the typical brown color. Her hope is to have it worked out within the next few generations. So in about a little over a year.

Poughkeepsie, New York
Phone: 845-661-3678

Is raising people friendly Degus.

Suzie Eads
Ottawa, Ks
Phone: 913-221-6773

Prefers to sell degus in same sex pairs.

Dorothy Agrippino
Central New York ( Syracuse area )

Has 2 young females w/ 1 young male.
No shipping, will meet within 50 mile radius before gas reimbursement.
Pic's available. Selling in same sex pairs for $40.00 pr.
Additional info. e-mail to

Kelley Grace
Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach) area of Virginia

Has two due with mid march, one early April. They are unrelated to the father. Is looking to sell for $40 per pair or $25 each when they arrive (5 weeks post natal they will be available).

Joyce Wilbur
S Easton MA
Phone: 774-259-1760

Ms. Terri L. Kisamore
Mount Crawford, VA 22841
Telephone: (540) 438-1640

Is a Degu breeder in Virginia. Has two breeding pairs and only breeds them once a year. Also only sells in pairs of two of the same sex. Price is $40.00 a pair. Does not ship, but is willing to meet for a reimbursement of gas costs.

Squeaky wheel Degu ranch
E-mail:Scott & Amy Lyons

Has a starter colony of one male and three unrelated females. Right now they have 7 babies available. Another female is ready any day now.
Will not ship but will meet locally.
Only sold in same sex pairs to avoid defects and health problems.
$25 a pair

a picture

Monica Kaye
Algoma, WI (USA). (40 minutes north of Green Bay, WI)

Has 2 females and 1 male. Has 13 babies born on Feb. 26 and is looking to sell them.
$15 each which would include a care sheet, starter food and bedding. All babies have been handled and are very cute.

Jaydas Critter House
Barbara Lutman Email:,
Almont MI
810-542-0835 810-798-2871

Doesn't breed degus anymore but still does rescue work.

Gwynn De La Balgey
Location: Dallas, Ga

Amanda Franks
AIM screen name: PassionforTigers
Location: South Bend Indiana

Currently has 1 male and 2 females and is looking to start breeding and selling degus. Is willing to drive up to 2 hours or meet half way somewhere. All animals are well taken care of and they show lots of attention to their animals. This ensures that when they leave here that the new owner will be pleased with the Degu and see just how great of a pet these little guys are. Requires them to leave in same sex pairs.

Mandi Stellmacher
AIM Screenname: OLPkittycat

Has one breeding male and one breeding female
Keeps the population small so the babies are well socialized with people, and have lots of handling before they leave.
Currently (as of this posting) has a new litter. Can put interested people on a waiting list after this litter is gone. Happy to answer any questions via email or AIM.
Will not ship, but would be willing to work out compromises for driving them.

Hedgehogs in Space
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Along with hedgehogs, they also carry degus. They are bred there and are held as early as possible. Degus come with a heath guarantee.

Elizabeth Shepherd (prefers the name lizard)
Overland Park, Kansas (USA)
does not ship but can answer any questions prefers e-mail

Terra Rose Rodentry
St. Charles, IL
AIM: kittiegrrl777

Upper/eastern New York
Our web site is
Does not ship.

Kristin Bailey
Jefferson Ctiy Missouri
Does not ship, charges $15 for each Degu.

Phoenix AZ
Has been a breeder in AZ for the past 8 years
Has degus for sale in Phoenix AZ. Most are 8 weeks old. If out then can put people on her degu waiting list. Also has a few babies that will be old enough in about 4 weeks. As of 08-18-02
Winnie, TX
Has 2 breeding pairs and 3 more pairs due soon

Annie Smith

Black Diamond Exotics
Outside Cincinnati OH
E-mail -

Neff's Animal Specialties
2307 Stephens Ave.
Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 549-2379

Sherry Morrison

Mary Jasmin
Glendale, AZ
phone 623-435-1395
Has been breeding degus for 7+ years
Doesn't ship But does answer any questions about degus.

Lauren Pitts
251 Wilson Ferry Rd
Moore, SC 29369
Home phone: 864-574-55100

Willing to meet people from SC, NC and GA half way. New litter of six arrived on 11/14/03. Now taking deposits.

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